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Thursday, November 24, 2011

All the Worlds a Stage.

I know I haven't updated this in so long. So, here it is, a nice; I guess you can say big update on some music.
I'm going to start off with the Vans Warped Tour. A few weeks ago they announced their summer 2012 tour dates. If you want to know if they're coming anywhere near you check it out on their website. They haven't yet announced who will be on the tour yet but that'll be coming up in the coming weeks. Sometime at the beginning of December. It'll be announced on their website the list of bands that will be on tour. However, I did go on a looking spree and was curious on some of the rumor bands that will be on tour.
This list of bands as rumors looks pretty legit and can't wait to see what happens. If so, I could say that I'm very stoked to see Taking Back Sunday and New Found Glory.
Tickets don't go on sale until spring. Although, last year was the first year that they had a Holiday package to order at Christmas. All of the details for that will be coming soon on their website.

I came across a post that was leaked through twitter saying that "so far the Warped tour list is looking like last years minus The Dangerous Summer and All Time Low are playing Main Stage."
We'll have to wait and see what happens! I'm not going to say who said this, if you're that curious on knowing, the power of google!

Canadians Courage My Love and Down with Webster both just recently came out with new albums.
On Halloween Courage my Love EP For Now and Down with Webster Time to Win Vol II both came out. I do have to say, they're both worth getting and they're fantastic. There isn't much to say about how great the EP and album are. They're both fantastic and should be on your must check out list. You can get both of them on I-tunes. Courage my  Love currently doesn't have hard copies in stores just yet. If you want a hard copy of their EP either order on their website or you can get it at one of their shows. They now ship world wide.
Courage my Love for Now EP is 6.93$ and worth to buy.
Down with Webster Deluxe version is at 12.99$. These both groups did amazing jobs and I'm looking forward for more from them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Make up and a New Trend

If you're from Canada then you well know of the Much Music show New.Music.Live. The three ladies on that show, Kathleen, Phoebe and Lauren gave a make up tutorial for the girls to have their look. Someone meshed up Phoebes part. The the whole video can be found on the music music website. 
If you're out of the country, I don't know if you can watch the whole video, but you can go check if it'll load for you.
Also, if you're out of the country you can watch N.M.L. on the much music website LIVE. from Monday to Friday (unless it's a holiday or a day off) from 5:00PM 6:00PM EASTERN time. They do music headlines, play new music, mostly the Hip hop/dance/alternative stuff. They interview bands,actors,actress' and musicians at times. They have a live audience too and to get in, it's 16+ plus. They open the window open at the streets so that anyone can stop and watch.

A new hair style for girls is like what Phoebe Dykstra has. It's shaven on one side, which recently she decided
to let it grow out for a change.

There's a new trend going around. It's called Spirit Hoods. You know those new hats that are animals? Yes, they look so warm and fuzzy. They're not real fur at all and they're adorable.
You can get them at the Spirit Hood website. I would imagine Hot Topic would sell them WAY cheaper. If you're in Canada, You can get a black cat hood at Amnesia or a Leopard Hood and I think it's either a grey cat or a wolf hood at D-Tox. Amnesia and D-Tox lately combined they're stuff so whatever you find on the Amnesia website, you'll probably find it at a D-Tox store.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Old Schooling it.

I'm going to go on a little bit of an old school post here.
 Have you ever heard of a Canadian band called Down With Webster? They're huge over here in Canada and their music is amazing. They just released a new single called 'Big Wheels' from their upcoming album called Time To Win Vol 2. It hits stores on October 31st 2011.
The video is all about old school more popular Nintendo games and I love how they put it all together the way they did. I love their unique style going on that they have and they're creativity is pretty much massive. I still remember playing some of the games as a kid that they based their video on.

There's something I'm pretty stoked about, New Found Glory have been around for many of years. I remember listening to them back when I was about 15 years old and they where around for a while even back then. They have a 6th album coming out and they just released a new song called "I'm not the one". You can listen to it over at Kroq Radio. They also released a song called "Dump" from the new album.
You can listen to "Dump" over at Kroq Radio as well. The new album Radiosurgery comes out October 3th 2011. The whole album is streaming over at Alt. Press. To unlock the songs, just remove the pieces in the radio that don't belong. Just make sure you don't get electrocuted! I do have to say even though it's a typical New Found glory album, I still love it and love them.

If you haven't caught it, I know this isn't old school but, Tonight Alive released a new video for their song 'Let It Land'.
They also did a music sampler of the songs and made a clip out of all the songs. You can listen to it over at their website.
So far, I like what I hear and I can't wait to get a hold of a copy of the new album!

In 8 years, Blink-182 new album Neighborhoods is FINALLY out now on I-tunes and in stores.
You can get a deluxe copy for 11.99$. they also have a standard album but who wants a standard album when you can go deluxe! I have to say, it's really different and I find it +44 meets Angels and Airwaves and you don't hear much of Blink-182 in the new songs. It's going to get some time to get use to it but, hey it's start from a long time of being absent and I am actually glad that they're back.They just released a new video for Hearts All Gone that they records at a recent concert in Atlanta.   

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What is on your playlist?

 "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" - Bob Marley
I'm on the search for some female vocalists and I want to know what are you listening to now a days? If it's not female vocalists doesn't matter let me know! I'm thriving to look up some new music and have something to new my playlist. I'm not getting bored, I just would like something new to add to it.
What do you think I should check out? I know about the female vocalist of My Arcadia through the 40 free songs I-Tunes card from Warped Tour. Are they worth looking up? What's on your current playlist on repeat?  Maybe there's something out there that I don't know about and will grab my attention. Let me know!
I DO however have one band that I've tried to get an opinion on about them for the last couple of years. I can't seem to figure out. The band is called Greenly Estate. Do you know who they are and do you listen to them? I know they where some what popular back in 2006.
~Better yet, what's your top 25 most played songs on I-tunes/ Zune Marketplace?
Current female vocalists on my playlist -                       
  • Tonight Alive                                  
  • Eyes Set To Kill
  • VersaEmerge
  • Paramore
  • Hey Monday
  • Millionaires
  • Allison Iraheta 
  • Courage My Love
* yes, I do know Amy Lee from Evanescence, who doesn't?

Female vocalists I can't seem to get into -
  • The Pretty Reckless
  • We Are the in Crowd
Top male bands on my  playlist - 
  • Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows
  • Green Day
  • I See Stars
  • The All-American Rejects
  • Silvertstein
  • All Time Low
  • Forever the Sickest Kids
  • 3OH!3
  • Blink-182
  • Sum 41
  • Avenged Sevenfold
  • Chiodos 
  • There for Tomorrow
  • Pierce the Veil & a bunch more; I had to stop my list.
Males bands I'm not into - 
  • Black veil Brides
  • Asking Alexandria
  • Bring me the Horizon
  • Get Scared
  • Vampires Everywhere!
  • BrokeNCYDE 
Is there something you want me to blog about? Let me know, Also favor, spread the word about my blog to people who like and want to discover more music and more!
I know I said on my first blog that I probably would blog some of my photography but now that I think of it, you can just check it out on my website that I made. The link is direct on the first blog if you want to check it out. It's all my photography. It may not be the greatest but it is a working process. I need to get inspired somehow and to take pictures of different things.

*Warning - You can perhaps expect this blog to be edited in the future.

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    Fashionista -

    September is finally here, Summer is coming to an end in less than 2 weeks away. Winter is around the corner and I'm starting to feel and see it in the trees as our Maple trees turn to a beautiful  Red and Orange colors. It's one step closer to a new year. Could you believe it already? Where has the time gone?
    This blog will be a mixed up one. I'm going to start off with some fashion just because, I think this girl  has some killer taste.
    Her name is Emma Maree and she's 19 years old. She comes from Australia and she's in University to become an art major. She posts youtube videos every so often and she does some fashion. hair and make up tutorials. You can check her channel out at EmmaxMaree. She has some pieces of clothing that I would even like to get my hands on! She cuts her own hair as well; her style is just to awesome to not post about.

    On to the music scene. The red Jumpsuit Apparatus just not to long ago released a new Cd called ''Am I the Enemy''. you can pick it up the Deluxe Version on I-Tunes for 11.99$. They also have up the standard version.
    there's a Fall Tour out with bands off  Fearless records called Fearless Friends Tour. the bands include on the tour
    • Blessthefall - Headling
    • The Word Alive
    • Motionless in White
    • Tonight Alive
    • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk
    It's heading across north American from  November and part of December. Tickets are on sale now. I would REALLY love to go and I'm hoping I can go, just because I want to support Tonight Alive for their first time in Montreal. They have a female vocalist and they come from Australia. I believe they have moved to California to get a better jump with their music. They have a new album ships out on October 13th 2011 called ''So What Are You Scared Of?'' You can pre-order the album here.

    I don't remember how I came across them. All I know is I have been listening to them for a while and I fell in love with the music. I must have been searching youtube one day and it just came up back in January. It's pretty much the best way to find music or at a big music festival where you only know a couple of bands on the line up but just walk pass a stage and a band you don't know is playing and you like the sound. ends up being a new favorite. Happens to me many times.

    Blessthefall has a new album coming out on October 4th 2011 called "Awakening". I'm pretty stoked for this and to hear it all. Pre-ordering is up at I-Tunes for $9.99. Get their new song "40" on I-tunes today. You can check the song out here. There's also some information up on the site about it.
    You know what I find cute and interesting? I didn't even know that the singer of Blessthefall - Beau Boken and very own Canadian girl Lights are engaged now! Congratulations to them both!

    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    Up All Night - Video Premire

    The other day, Blink-182 had announced that their new video for their single "Up All Night" will be premiering. I watched it a few time already and I have to say, the little boy at the beginning spray painting, I'm pretty positive that's Landon Barker - Travis' little 7 year old boy. There's a lot of pyrogen in the video and I find it's just a little all over the place. Maybe I'm missing the concept of it but, I feel that's the way it the video turned out.
    I feel like it's all random scenes stuck together. +44 meets Angels and Air Waves. I am anxious on how the album turned out. This video is nothing like what they would normally would make. I guess they grew up a lot since they first started making music and got their fame from The Vans Warped Tour back in '96.

    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Unknown Artists

    I have three bands to put out in the spot light; the first band is called The Air I Breathe. They come from New Jersey. They're actually currently touring with Breathe Carolina on the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour 2011.
    I went to the tour on the 15th of August in Montreal and these guys performance was amazing. In Montreal we never really heard of them so they don't really have a fan base over here just yet.
    A friend of mine and I met one of the guitarist after and he's a pretty rad guy. My friend ended up buy their CD from him and no, this time I didn't snatch her Cd from her since we where playing it in the car on the way back. They're on the heavy side with the screaming vox going on.
    Their debut CD just came out on June 7th 2011 and if you're at the tour on remaining dates, buy a Cd for 10$ if not snatch it up on I-tunes for $9.90. I just noticed, when you click on the link it's $9.99 but if you go in your actual I-tunes store, it says  $9.90. For clarification, I believe, $9.90 is on the CANADIAN I-tunes since our dollar is lower I believe. Either way, give these guys a listen. They're pretty rad if you like heavier stuff. Personally, I like more singing then screamo but they're still amazing and the energy level is high when they perform.

    Another band that's just starting out and their fan base is killer small.  A friend came across them on twitter. The band is called Roses in Rome and they come from the great land of Britain. Their music is really amazing and the best part is, they're not over process like most groups and bands now a days. I can't tell you if they have a full length or even an EP out yet because I haven't come across any information yet on it. As soon as I know more, I'll post all the information that I know about them. For now, this is all I know.

    Theres another band I recently came across, they sent me a request to follow me on Twitter and I looked them up. They're called First Things First and they're actually amazing. They are an unsigned band that come from Philadelphia. I could actually see this band getting big. They have an EP out called The Brighter Side and I highly recommend to check it out. I haven't taken the time yet to sit and listen them but, I will for sure, it's on my list to check out and to support. You can buy the EP on I-Tunes for 4.95$. I personally think it's worth it and can't go wrong with a price like that. They play a rock pop type of sound and, it's always fun to listen to bands before everyone else does. I know I'm in an era lately of trying to find as much unknown music as possible and my playlist just keeps on growing.

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    Big Annoucements

    I know I've been lacking a little bit on announcement but this blog, be prepared because it'll be announcement after announcement. I hope you can keep up with everything!
    I'm going to start off some extremely sad and overwhelming news. Don't worry as the blog goes on, it'll get better. I'm actually having a hard time to believe this but, it's a sad time for the music fans for many people around the world; not only around the world but especially for Canadians. After 10 years, Canada's own Alexisonfire had called it quiets. George wrote a blog on their website explaining it. I don't know if anyone else is with me with this one, but I myself, kinda saw this coming after they haven't been in the spot light for a while because of side projects. Now, it has just been announced that Wade MacNeil of Alexisonfire is the new singer for Britain's own band Gallows.
    If Alexisonfire just happens to go on and do their 10 year Canadian Tour; then I'm officially there supporting the boys all I could.
    Now for some better and happier stuff to write about. First thing, Eyes Set To Kills new CD 'White Lotus' is FINALLY out. I'm extremely ecstatic for them and the listen to the CD properly since I haven't got around to do so yet. Go grab your copy if you haven't picked on up yet.
    Since that is out, there's ONE CD that I'm actually anticipating to hear. I've been a fan of these guys since I was about 11-12 years old; Blink-182. They have a new album coming out on September 27th 2011 called Neighborhoods. After a couple of years of not having anything the wait is almost over. Their first single 'Up All Night' is on I-tunes now for 1.29$. Since I started using blogger, I do realize that a single song had been bumped up in price since previous blogs, I don't know if still stands at the same price I had indicated. So please excuse a misunderstanding if a price is wrong.
    Blink-182 have just started the Honda Civic tour with My Chemical Romance as co-headlinings. Openers are different for different parts of the tour  like, Rancid to Manchester Orchestra to Matt and Kim. Blink-182 have on their set list 4 new songs on the album so if you want to hear them, go to youtube and search for it.
    • Up All Night
    • After Midnight
    • Hearts All Gone
    • Ghost on the Dance Floor
    In my opinion about these new songs, it's to much of +44 meets Angels and Airwaves. I'm sure that I'll learn to love the new music as much as the old music. I just hope it doesn't hurt their fan base - lets face it; it'll be better for the rest of us when it comes to a concert events if it does! Maybe tickets wont end up being over priced or T-shirts being at 35$. Not everyone could afford it!

    Now, if your more into a Electro-pop type of music, a band of 2 sisters Melissa Maire and Allison Green in a group called Millionaires are hitting the studio sometime in September to record their very first full length album. No more Ep's from these girls! More details about that later later about the album later on when they announce more of it.
    I don't know if these will be the final news for now but, here's actually something that I have found out just randomly the other day. Evanescence is hitting the road this fall with The Pretty Reckless and Rival Sons. That's just whose coming to the date in Montreal, I'm not exactly sure if it's the whole tour. You can check on your local ticket site to see if Evanescence will be coming to a place near you.
    They have a new single 'What You Want' out now on I-Tunes for 1.29$. The Album if the date doesn't change, it's suppose to drop and hit stores the week of October 4th 2011. I have not caught what the album name will be.

    On a side note, Craig Owens is hold a contest details are up all on his Tumblr also, Skrillex (Also known as - Sonny Moore former singer of From First To Last) is hitting 50 something places across North America. I can't help BUT notice over youtube on how his dubstep shows are killer and you can't help but to leave wounded. Tour dates you can find here.
    Also, one last thing; Serria Kusterbeck and Blake Harnage from VersaEmerge, posted an update video on that they have a live EP coming out of all B-side tracks so that their fans can have them to listen to them. They're also in the works of writing a new album so that they can give fans new music. I think that will be all for now beside - Go to Rockstar Energy Drink - uproar Festival. Avenged Sevenfold are headlining the tour again this year and they're bringing Bullet for my Valentine, Escape the Fate, Three Days Grace and more with them. I hope I haven't mentioned the Uproar festival yet. If so my bad!

    Monday, August 8, 2011

    Unsigned - Paradise Fears.

     If anyone who comes across this blog, please take a minute to read it.
    On August 4th 2011, in Montreal I just happened to be at the All Time Low - Gimmie Summer Ya Love Tour and just before going in the drummer of an unsigned band, was going around getting people to listen to his band. The band is called Paradise Fears. A friend of mine bought the CD but, I happen to have snatched it away from her ripped it on my computer and she still hasn't gotten it back yet. Next time I see her, she'll have it back.
    Let me tell about this band Paradise Fears, the music is completely different from other bands from today's society of music; where as everything else sounds pretty much the same. You know, screamo with keyboards and heavy guitar riffs. Yeah I could only tolerate having one band like that on my playlist, not like the others aren't good just you know you can only put up with so much of it. Basically, the popular demand of today's society of music. In all honesty, I'm a little tired of hearing bands all sound the same.
    It's actually nice to hear something different for once.
    I suggest you to GO and give this band from South Dakota a listen. They truly deserve a chance in this harsh and cruel music industry. I know I'm going to support this band all I could and even get my self a copy of their new debut CD 'Yours Truly"  when I land on some money. I know ALL music needs to be given a chance; unsigned or not support all the musicians you can and make their dreams come true.
    If you happen to be at the All Time Low Tour this summer and they come up to you, please do your best and support this band. You can buy their CD for 10$. It may not be a whole lot but to them, it puts gas in their van so they can do a little touring and promoting. It means them the world that they know people are willing to support them and are enjoying their music that they are making.

    You can actually buy their CD on I-Tunes for $9.99.

    Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    Hell is What You Make It.

    Breathe Carolina just released their new CD 'Hell is What You Make It' not to long ago. I haven't taken a fully listen to it yet but I can tell from released songs before the CD came out that it'll be a bi-polar album. Which however isn't a liking to many people but, just give it a chance before coming to conclusion.
    You can buy it on I-tunes now for  9.99$ Go pick up your copy today and support the boys! Also catch them headlining the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour which is already happening so if they haven't gotten to you yet, get your tickets. They still have some V.I.P tickets to meet Breathe Carolina on the tour.

    Also, this is just something that I have to put out. Recently, Craig Owens (former Chiodos singer) of a band called Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows just got an opportunity to be in a movie. He had to stop a couple of dates on the Vans Warped Tour to go film but he's back on Warped Tour now until the end of the summer. If you haven't caught this band on the tour or haven't gone yet; check D.R.U.G.S. out. I GUARANTEED you wont be disappointed. They have fanatic energy on stage these guys and they're very interactive with the fans. Not to mention extremely down to earth dudes too.
     ~If you're a fan of Paramore, they just released a new song called  'Monster' and released a video for it. The song is their new single and it appears on the Transformers 3 soundtrack.
    You can now buy the 'Monster' music video on I-tunes for a $1.99

    A Little Late; But here It Is!

    I know, I'm a little late on this one, but here it is for those who haven't seen it yet. The video for Robot by 3OH!3. It's directed by Mike Diva.
    In my opinion, it's not to my liking but, not everyone is going to enjoy everything that their favorite group/artist comes up with. It's very different the video then their previous stuff. I however DID catch them on The Vans Warped Tour this summer and they did however play this song and honestly, it's like the old music with rapping over aggressive beats and I enjoyed the song live and their performance quit a bit. It was fun to see them attempt to do the robot on stage and when it didn't go over so well, Sean pulled out the running man move which that just killed me. Montreal, you party poopers, Sean wanted someone to do the robot with him and you're telling me NOT one person in the audience of ~6,000+ of fans couldn't do the robot? What a shame and a let down!

    ~I'm sorry, I haven't been posting anything lately. I'll try to post some stuff as soon as possible! Also, thank-you to my first follower! Now I may not seem so crazy and make it look like I'm posting to myself!


    On other new, if you haven't gotten a copy, go get your copy of We the Kings new album  Sunshine state of Mind. You can order it over I-tunes for 7.99$.
    Also, order your copy of Eyes Set to Kill's new album White Lotus on I-Tunes for 9.99$. They just recently released another song off the album called "Harsh"
    I know 'White Lotus' album is going to be one that I'll be keeping an eye out on and possible having it on repeat on my tunes. Check out Eyes Set to Kill now on The Vans Warped Tour on the Battle of the Bands - Ernie Ball stage.

    Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    Can You Do The Robot?

    I know I haven't posted any news lately but here is something that I have been waiting for.  Have you heard a little group called 3OH!3? Yeah you know, Don't trust a hoe because a hoe don't trust me.
    They're pretty massive now in the music industry and gone pretty mainstream since I have found out about them in summer 2008.
    You can catch these guys NOW on the Vans Warped Tour for about half of the summer on the main Teggart stage. I know I will be seeing them again for a 4th time.
    Back to my point about these 2 rad guys. They just released a new single called Robot. I believe it will be on their up coming album which should hit sometime in the late year.
    You can buy the song now on Itunes for a 1.29$. The video for this new song of theirs will be released sometime soon.  I would imagine in about 2 weeks it will be out but, that's just my guess so I don't want to start anything about that. However; I do know that it's just getting its finishing touches on the video.
    Warning; there is some vulgar content in the song. Here's a teaser of the song.

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    New And Up Coming Musicans And Music Video

    While I was looking around on Facebook today, Chiodos had posted a post about a band that's signed on with their record label; Equal Vision Records. The band is called Life On Repeat and they seem to have everything together. I read some reviews and they've been nothing but good and on the positive side. They just released an album called Struggle + Sleep. I am for sure going to check this out; I think you should too.
    You can buy the album on Itunes for 8.99$.  I think it's a good bargain and you have nothing to lose.
    I'm definitely going to keep an eye out on this band. This band could possibly become a new favorite for many people.

    Another thing is that, a Band called Escape the Fate, just released a new music video called Gorgeous Nightmare. Their fans had a few days to find the 7 sins and screen cap over the internet to unlock the video; with clues to where to go. I find it a pretty interesting video to watch. Gorgeous Nightmare comes off their fourth album which is their self-titled one. The song and video are pretty dark but honestly, I kinda like. I for one do NOT think that they're ripping off Avenged Sevenfold in any way possible.

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    New To The Industry.

    There's a new teen band around and just hit the music industry. They're from California and they're called Emily's Army. Their new album called "Don't Be A Dick" is download-able today. The drummer of this band is, a 16 year old boy who goes by the name of Joey Armstrong. If you're wondering, yes this is none other than Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day; his boy's band. Billie started out in music at his age too. Billie Joe produced the album for the teens and they're signed to Adeline Records. They play Rock/Garage/Punk type of music.
    They're hitting some venues this summer so, be sure to support the kids in their new career.

    Will it continue to be a father like son type of thing? So far Joey's doing a good job in following his dad's foot steps. I wish these kids nothing but luck and success in the harsh music industry. I have not yet listen to the music, but I sure will be on that and give the boys a listen.


    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Up Coming Music.

    I'm going to start the blog off with new upcoming releases in the music industry. You may not like the gender of music that I will be posting but it's just to each their own with it. It's music that I like and listen too.
    These 2 guys have been on the Vans Warped Tour before and, I have read some comments on these guys and they seem to have live mixed reviews. Personally, they're not my favorite group of all time but, theres something about their music that I find catchy.
     They play a pop/electrona/rock type of music. They go by the name of Breathe Carolina. They're hitting the road this summer and in August they're headliner for The Scream It Until You Mean It Tour. They're touring with two personally favorites; I See Stars and Chiodos. There's a little bit of every type of gender on the tour. Breathe Carolina just release a new single called "Blackout" and you can grab it on Itunes now for .69$. They have a new album coming out called "Hell Is What You Make It"  and it comes out on July 12th, 2011. You can Pre-oder it now.
     Personally, I find this new single a lot catchier and more danceable than the older music. If you already know who they are, then you know what I mean by that.

    Any other band that is going to be releasing something, is one of my favorites; Eyes Set To Kill. They recently let go a member in their group and dropped their Break Silence Record label and aren't signed. They've been on the Vans Warped Tour a few years in a row; including this summer and you can catch them on the tour for about 2 weeks in August.
    They have a summer tour planned in Asia and the Rodriguez sisters can rock harder on stage then a male can. Watch out boys, because these 2 sisters are taking over the rock industry! To give back to their wonderful and loyal fans, since they are not signed, they can do what they want and gave their new single "The Secrets Between" off their up coming 4th album "The White Lotus" for free. The new album hits August 9th 2011 and is up for pre-ordering is coming soon.
    This just happened to be two releases that I keep on seeing how excited the artists are for their new music to hit store. Personally, I'm pretty damn stoked for the new Eyes Set To Kill album to hit. I'm certainly counting the days down for it.
    There's plenty of more updates to come!


    I joined blogger a while back but never used it. I just recently thought it would be fun to blog about the type of music I'm into and the latest news about what they're up to. I also thought that I would blog about photography and most likely fashion as well. There may be some blogs out there that are similar to the one that I'm planning on doing. However, I'm NOT taking credit that I came up with  this idea first or even copy right anything UNLESS it's my own personal work.
    By all means, I will let you know that if it's my work.
    I have a live journal that I have had for years and started to blog about summer concert events but, mostly, my journal is about my life and what I'm thinking. You're more than welcome to add me. Remember it's my journal and what I'm thinking. It has my days at concerts that I've been too, and years of entries. I don't expect you to agree or like every little thing in it. I certain don't expect you to find it entertaining or interesting at all. I thought that I would have used it for a blog space but, I wasn't to sure about that. I just then remembered that I had joined blogger and thought I would take a chance and blog. You may not like everything you see or read. You may come across that I have a huge passion for music and photography; which I'm not denying that. I was thinking a monthly music blog on my live journal along with my personal life of course, but then it would have gotten confusing I guess and wasn't so sure if I should do that. Now that I'm on blogger, I'll probably do a weekly thing or even daily sometimes.
    Not everyone likes the same things so, if you like the same interests and fine what you read is interesting, then be my guest, and follow right along.  I also have a photography site that I had made. Please be respectful towards my photography. I don't update it frequently but, it does show the type of photographer that I am.

    *Warning - Anything rude will be deleted. If you don't like what you see then simply just go to your URL bar and type in a different website in or better yet, close your browser window.