"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy." — Ludwig van Beethoven ♫♪

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Look into my eyes and write down the words you taste.

Since I haven't been on here in so long, I think it's about time I owe a nice music post of stuff that is going on. Let's start, Vans Warped Tour official came to an end yesterday which means Summer is coming to an end. Hello, Fall tours will be starting soon. Which ones are you excited for? There is one main one that I'm really excited for even if I have to end up going by myself because I think it's a complete worth the money to go too. The Collide with the Sky Tour. Yes, Pierce the Veil is FINALLY going an headliner tour and they have Sleeping with Sirens as co-headliner and they're taking with them Australian band Tonight Alive and Hands like Houses to open up for them. The only stop on tour it seems that Hands like Houses aren't hitting is Montreal so I am King is suppose to take their place. Dates and venues are posted, pre-sale starts tomorrow! Pre-sale will include a V.I.P. package with meet and greet with Pierce the Veil, it does not include the ticket and it will sell out.
On the other hand, it was just release the video to Pierce the Veils single A King for a Day featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens. I find it well done! If you haven't bought it or didn't know, get on it and go pick up Pierce the Veils third length album "Collide with the Sky." I have to say, it's a master piece and you have collaborates with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens, Jason Butler of Letlive and Lindsey Stamey of On No Fiasco.
I have decided, today is only about happy news and a nice catch up from what was missed. Something else, I really wish that I can and hope to make it, Alexisonfire, they called their quiets right? !0th anniversary farewell tour has been announced no dates or places just yet. It was only a video posted. Those dates will be coming in about 2 days or so since they have a timer set on their website. Last chance to see them if their coming near you!

The All-Star tour has started and I See Stars is part of it. If the tour is coming near you get on it! I See Stars released a new video for Filth Friends Unite. I, can say I enjoyed the video.


A little up date, links and more soon, just wanted to get this published.

Friday, April 27, 2012

If We Keep Fighting Who We Are,Won't Hit Anything.

Yet again some good and some bad news. Good news is always followed by bad news that is for sure. Fans are going crazy right now for this. One, yesterday was announced that Craig Owens HAS REUNITED back with Chiodos. Yes that is right.
I saw this coming from when Adam left Destory Rebuild Until God Shows back in February.
I may have a theory behind all of this that is for sure and how it all came about why Craig is back with Chiodos.
In all honesty, I have a bag of mix feelings about all of this. It has the pros and cons but we'll see how everything plays out with it all.

Bad news is after that news, today and of course because from yesterdays news today was released that Nick, Aaron and Matt have left D.R.U.G.S. Do you see what just happened there? Yeah, use the noggin and everything will click and the pieces are put together. It all backs track to Brandon and Tanner leaving Chiodos. Remember that nice long statement a couple posts back? Still a bunch of mix feelings about it all but still very excited. Weird, right?
 Craig had something good going on with D.R.U.G.S. which was just pretty much thrown away. I guess this can be more of an unplanned thing that happened.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Falling Faster Into You ~

Lately, I have been discovering some new bands and they're all actually fantastic. I'll get to the other ones another time; there is one band that I really want to get out there because they're just great. It's a band called Atrium from Charlotte, North Carolina. They have a female front singer and have an EP out called Post Script. I highly suggest check them out and get their EP on I-Tunes. They have a mixed vibe to them but completely worth getting into.



Monday, April 16, 2012


A little update, I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now.
This is a little different post normally I won't blog or be into this music but it's a headliner for today. Coachella was over the week-end, late last night Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre were performing and brought Tupac on stage. Yes, TUPAC. A hologram of Tupac made his way on the stage and did a performance. Can you only imagine the crowd seeing that? Now, Snoop Dogg is playing in Montreal at Osheaga this summer, I think some Montrealers will expect something huge like that!

It's a trend on Twitter all day today.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'll Scream Until My Heart Come out of My Chest

I haven't posted on here in ever and I don't even know were to start on the music scene. New releases? Yeah, I think I'll start with some good news and end with a little bit of the bad news. New releases, go get them.  I see Stars Digital Renegade came out on March 13th, 2012. You can buy it on I-Tunes, Best Buy, your local Hot topic or I'm guessing at certain music stores as well. I do have to say, it's heavier than the previous stuff but they did bring in the Welcome to the End of the World Party into the mix. They collaborated with Danny Warsnop of Asking Alexandria and Cassadee Pope of Hey Monday. Congratulations, I do approve of the album. The Hot Topic version has a bonus track called 'This Isn't A Game Boy.' Check it out.
Go see them on the last 3 weeks of there tour The Still Reckless Tour with Asking Alexandria, Trivium, Motion in White and The Amity Affection. Sorry any Dir en Grey fans, the band dropped out before the tour started and I honestly don't know who took their place on tour. They have one Canadian date which is Toronto on April 1st 2012.
Another new release that I've been listening too is The All-American Rejects Kids in the Street. It's different more mature but still a Reject sound to it. They'll be on tour SOON in April with A Rocket to the Moon. Grab your tickets before they're gone. The All-American Rejects will also be opening for Blink-182 on SOME dates so check tour for that. I personally think that's something to see.
I haven't listen to these 2 bands new record yet but I still suggest to go get the record.
 The Used - Vulnerable and Before Their Eyes - Redemption. They both came out on March 26th-27th 2012. I'll be checking them out soon and go check out The Used on this Summers The Van Warped Tour. They'll be playing about half to a third of the tour along with MANY amazing 90 pop punk bands including Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, New Found Glory and Rise Against. Pre-Sale starts the 30th of March, tickets to Pre-Sale will go fast. Register before the 30th and you'll be entered to win1 of 3 life long V.I.P treatment at the Vans Warped Tour. Regular sale tickets go on shortly after.

On some sad news about Chiodos, I don't know what will happen but, Brandon Bolmer and Tanner Wayne left the group because of lack of communication and it was going no where the band. Rumors already floated around that Craig Owens is trying to get back with the band which in my opinion Craig doesn't want really anything to do with the band or at least that's what it had seem. The last Chiodos tour on the Scream it Like you Mean tour was a little rough because of little arguments and rumors that Jason wanted to drop out for school spend time with his wife and wanting to start a family.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

End of the Road.

It is with bittersweet sentiment that we announce some news today. Our bass player, Adam Russell, has made the personal decision to move on from Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows to pursue other opportunities.
While we are happy to see him make a choice that will ultimately be best for him, of course, we are sad to see him go. Please know that we remain close friends and supporters of Adam, and that there are no hard feelings.

Rest assured this will not affect our current tour schedule. Our close friend, Tai "Never Wrong, Always" Wright, will be filling in on bass duties on the upcoming SIN Tour which starts Thursday in Chicago. Go to our Facebook page for dates & ticket links: Facebook.com/DRUGS

Much love, D.R.U.G.S.
 This was just posted on Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows facebook. I'm sad that this has happened and I will miss Adam dearly. I had noticed a while back that Story of the Year had a mini Japan tour at the beginning of February. D.R.U.G.S had announced their S.I.N tour recently and I knew that this was going to be a conflict with the tour. For some reason, I saw this coming. I really hope that he does come back every so often because Adam, is a really awesome guy and I would love to meet him again in the future and see him perform on stage. I will miss the bromance with him and the other guys on D.R.U.G.S while they are on stage and Adam's shenanigans while he is performing. I certainly hope that this isn't that last that we hear of Adam Russell.
Tai Wright is the drummer and song writer for For Letter Lie and the Drum Tech / Production Tech of we Came As Romans. I hope Adam's music journey isn't over nonetheless I hope this is for the best.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Voice is Stronge Inside:.

It's been a while since I've posted anything on here. I have been busy with the holidays and just everything over all. I have 2 concerts this month and one already passed. The concert season is starting up again even though it's freezing outside.
First news is, a Michigan band called I See Stars released a new song off of their up coming album.
"Filth Friends Unite" is what the song is called. It's a lot heavier than their previous stuff but, with the twist of their End of the World album sound to it. I have to listen to the album when it comes out to get a better opinion about it all.
The album comes out on March 13th and that just happens to be the area code for Detroit. 313 mark the calenders if you're a fan and haven't seen their spam for it all. I believe the name of the album will be called Digital Renegade. They're currently on tour headlining the Leave it 2 the suits tour 2012. I saw them on the 12th of January in Montreal and it's one big party. Stage diving since we had no gate, getting hurt and one big party. It's something to see and amazing performance for the guys.

Another announcement Destroy Rebuild Until God shows just started up a American headliner tour called S.I.N. (Strength in Numbers Tour.) They're not coming to my end so I'll be missing it. They just released a new song I believe it'll be on their up coming album that should be out later this spring.
The song that was released is called "Scream if you're Crazy." It gave my shivers; I find it that good.

Remember; if any band is touring near you go out and support the bands. It's important that music scene stays so that musicians can live their dream.