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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can You Do The Robot?

I know I haven't posted any news lately but here is something that I have been waiting for.  Have you heard a little group called 3OH!3? Yeah you know, Don't trust a hoe because a hoe don't trust me.
They're pretty massive now in the music industry and gone pretty mainstream since I have found out about them in summer 2008.
You can catch these guys NOW on the Vans Warped Tour for about half of the summer on the main Teggart stage. I know I will be seeing them again for a 4th time.
Back to my point about these 2 rad guys. They just released a new single called Robot. I believe it will be on their up coming album which should hit sometime in the late year.
You can buy the song now on Itunes for a 1.29$. The video for this new song of theirs will be released sometime soon.  I would imagine in about 2 weeks it will be out but, that's just my guess so I don't want to start anything about that. However; I do know that it's just getting its finishing touches on the video.
Warning; there is some vulgar content in the song. Here's a teaser of the song.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New And Up Coming Musicans And Music Video

While I was looking around on Facebook today, Chiodos had posted a post about a band that's signed on with their record label; Equal Vision Records. The band is called Life On Repeat and they seem to have everything together. I read some reviews and they've been nothing but good and on the positive side. They just released an album called Struggle + Sleep. I am for sure going to check this out; I think you should too.
You can buy the album on Itunes for 8.99$.  I think it's a good bargain and you have nothing to lose.
I'm definitely going to keep an eye out on this band. This band could possibly become a new favorite for many people.

Another thing is that, a Band called Escape the Fate, just released a new music video called Gorgeous Nightmare. Their fans had a few days to find the 7 sins and screen cap over the internet to unlock the video; with clues to where to go. I find it a pretty interesting video to watch. Gorgeous Nightmare comes off their fourth album which is their self-titled one. The song and video are pretty dark but honestly, I kinda like. I for one do NOT think that they're ripping off Avenged Sevenfold in any way possible.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New To The Industry.

There's a new teen band around and just hit the music industry. They're from California and they're called Emily's Army. Their new album called "Don't Be A Dick" is download-able today. The drummer of this band is, a 16 year old boy who goes by the name of Joey Armstrong. If you're wondering, yes this is none other than Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day; his boy's band. Billie started out in music at his age too. Billie Joe produced the album for the teens and they're signed to Adeline Records. They play Rock/Garage/Punk type of music.
They're hitting some venues this summer so, be sure to support the kids in their new career.

Will it continue to be a father like son type of thing? So far Joey's doing a good job in following his dad's foot steps. I wish these kids nothing but luck and success in the harsh music industry. I have not yet listen to the music, but I sure will be on that and give the boys a listen.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Up Coming Music.

I'm going to start the blog off with new upcoming releases in the music industry. You may not like the gender of music that I will be posting but it's just to each their own with it. It's music that I like and listen too.
These 2 guys have been on the Vans Warped Tour before and, I have read some comments on these guys and they seem to have live mixed reviews. Personally, they're not my favorite group of all time but, theres something about their music that I find catchy.
 They play a pop/electrona/rock type of music. They go by the name of Breathe Carolina. They're hitting the road this summer and in August they're headliner for The Scream It Until You Mean It Tour. They're touring with two personally favorites; I See Stars and Chiodos. There's a little bit of every type of gender on the tour. Breathe Carolina just release a new single called "Blackout" and you can grab it on Itunes now for .69$. They have a new album coming out called "Hell Is What You Make It"  and it comes out on July 12th, 2011. You can Pre-oder it now.
 Personally, I find this new single a lot catchier and more danceable than the older music. If you already know who they are, then you know what I mean by that.

Any other band that is going to be releasing something, is one of my favorites; Eyes Set To Kill. They recently let go a member in their group and dropped their Break Silence Record label and aren't signed. They've been on the Vans Warped Tour a few years in a row; including this summer and you can catch them on the tour for about 2 weeks in August.
They have a summer tour planned in Asia and the Rodriguez sisters can rock harder on stage then a male can. Watch out boys, because these 2 sisters are taking over the rock industry! To give back to their wonderful and loyal fans, since they are not signed, they can do what they want and gave their new single "The Secrets Between" off their up coming 4th album "The White Lotus" for free. The new album hits August 9th 2011 and is up for pre-ordering is coming soon.
This just happened to be two releases that I keep on seeing how excited the artists are for their new music to hit store. Personally, I'm pretty damn stoked for the new Eyes Set To Kill album to hit. I'm certainly counting the days down for it.
There's plenty of more updates to come!


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