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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Up All Night - Video Premire

The other day, Blink-182 had announced that their new video for their single "Up All Night" will be premiering. I watched it a few time already and I have to say, the little boy at the beginning spray painting, I'm pretty positive that's Landon Barker - Travis' little 7 year old boy. There's a lot of pyrogen in the video and I find it's just a little all over the place. Maybe I'm missing the concept of it but, I feel that's the way it the video turned out.
I feel like it's all random scenes stuck together. +44 meets Angels and Air Waves. I am anxious on how the album turned out. This video is nothing like what they would normally would make. I guess they grew up a lot since they first started making music and got their fame from The Vans Warped Tour back in '96.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unknown Artists

I have three bands to put out in the spot light; the first band is called The Air I Breathe. They come from New Jersey. They're actually currently touring with Breathe Carolina on the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour 2011.
I went to the tour on the 15th of August in Montreal and these guys performance was amazing. In Montreal we never really heard of them so they don't really have a fan base over here just yet.
A friend of mine and I met one of the guitarist after and he's a pretty rad guy. My friend ended up buy their CD from him and no, this time I didn't snatch her Cd from her since we where playing it in the car on the way back. They're on the heavy side with the screaming vox going on.
Their debut CD just came out on June 7th 2011 and if you're at the tour on remaining dates, buy a Cd for 10$ if not snatch it up on I-tunes for $9.90. I just noticed, when you click on the link it's $9.99 but if you go in your actual I-tunes store, it says  $9.90. For clarification, I believe, $9.90 is on the CANADIAN I-tunes since our dollar is lower I believe. Either way, give these guys a listen. They're pretty rad if you like heavier stuff. Personally, I like more singing then screamo but they're still amazing and the energy level is high when they perform.

Another band that's just starting out and their fan base is killer small.  A friend came across them on twitter. The band is called Roses in Rome and they come from the great land of Britain. Their music is really amazing and the best part is, they're not over process like most groups and bands now a days. I can't tell you if they have a full length or even an EP out yet because I haven't come across any information yet on it. As soon as I know more, I'll post all the information that I know about them. For now, this is all I know.

Theres another band I recently came across, they sent me a request to follow me on Twitter and I looked them up. They're called First Things First and they're actually amazing. They are an unsigned band that come from Philadelphia. I could actually see this band getting big. They have an EP out called The Brighter Side and I highly recommend to check it out. I haven't taken the time yet to sit and listen them but, I will for sure, it's on my list to check out and to support. You can buy the EP on I-Tunes for 4.95$. I personally think it's worth it and can't go wrong with a price like that. They play a rock pop type of sound and, it's always fun to listen to bands before everyone else does. I know I'm in an era lately of trying to find as much unknown music as possible and my playlist just keeps on growing.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Annoucements

I know I've been lacking a little bit on announcement but this blog, be prepared because it'll be announcement after announcement. I hope you can keep up with everything!
I'm going to start off some extremely sad and overwhelming news. Don't worry as the blog goes on, it'll get better. I'm actually having a hard time to believe this but, it's a sad time for the music fans for many people around the world; not only around the world but especially for Canadians. After 10 years, Canada's own Alexisonfire had called it quiets. George wrote a blog on their website explaining it. I don't know if anyone else is with me with this one, but I myself, kinda saw this coming after they haven't been in the spot light for a while because of side projects. Now, it has just been announced that Wade MacNeil of Alexisonfire is the new singer for Britain's own band Gallows.
If Alexisonfire just happens to go on and do their 10 year Canadian Tour; then I'm officially there supporting the boys all I could.
Now for some better and happier stuff to write about. First thing, Eyes Set To Kills new CD 'White Lotus' is FINALLY out. I'm extremely ecstatic for them and the listen to the CD properly since I haven't got around to do so yet. Go grab your copy if you haven't picked on up yet.
Since that is out, there's ONE CD that I'm actually anticipating to hear. I've been a fan of these guys since I was about 11-12 years old; Blink-182. They have a new album coming out on September 27th 2011 called Neighborhoods. After a couple of years of not having anything the wait is almost over. Their first single 'Up All Night' is on I-tunes now for 1.29$. Since I started using blogger, I do realize that a single song had been bumped up in price since previous blogs, I don't know if still stands at the same price I had indicated. So please excuse a misunderstanding if a price is wrong.
Blink-182 have just started the Honda Civic tour with My Chemical Romance as co-headlinings. Openers are different for different parts of the tour  like, Rancid to Manchester Orchestra to Matt and Kim. Blink-182 have on their set list 4 new songs on the album so if you want to hear them, go to youtube and search for it.
  • Up All Night
  • After Midnight
  • Hearts All Gone
  • Ghost on the Dance Floor
In my opinion about these new songs, it's to much of +44 meets Angels and Airwaves. I'm sure that I'll learn to love the new music as much as the old music. I just hope it doesn't hurt their fan base - lets face it; it'll be better for the rest of us when it comes to a concert events if it does! Maybe tickets wont end up being over priced or T-shirts being at 35$. Not everyone could afford it!

Now, if your more into a Electro-pop type of music, a band of 2 sisters Melissa Maire and Allison Green in a group called Millionaires are hitting the studio sometime in September to record their very first full length album. No more Ep's from these girls! More details about that later later about the album later on when they announce more of it.
I don't know if these will be the final news for now but, here's actually something that I have found out just randomly the other day. Evanescence is hitting the road this fall with The Pretty Reckless and Rival Sons. That's just whose coming to the date in Montreal, I'm not exactly sure if it's the whole tour. You can check on your local ticket site to see if Evanescence will be coming to a place near you.
They have a new single 'What You Want' out now on I-Tunes for 1.29$. The Album if the date doesn't change, it's suppose to drop and hit stores the week of October 4th 2011. I have not caught what the album name will be.

On a side note, Craig Owens is hold a contest details are up all on his Tumblr also, Skrillex (Also known as - Sonny Moore former singer of From First To Last) is hitting 50 something places across North America. I can't help BUT notice over youtube on how his dubstep shows are killer and you can't help but to leave wounded. Tour dates you can find here.
Also, one last thing; Serria Kusterbeck and Blake Harnage from VersaEmerge, posted an update video on that they have a live EP coming out of all B-side tracks so that their fans can have them to listen to them. They're also in the works of writing a new album so that they can give fans new music. I think that will be all for now beside - Go to Rockstar Energy Drink - uproar Festival. Avenged Sevenfold are headlining the tour again this year and they're bringing Bullet for my Valentine, Escape the Fate, Three Days Grace and more with them. I hope I haven't mentioned the Uproar festival yet. If so my bad!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Unsigned - Paradise Fears.

 If anyone who comes across this blog, please take a minute to read it.
On August 4th 2011, in Montreal I just happened to be at the All Time Low - Gimmie Summer Ya Love Tour and just before going in the drummer of an unsigned band, was going around getting people to listen to his band. The band is called Paradise Fears. A friend of mine bought the CD but, I happen to have snatched it away from her ripped it on my computer and she still hasn't gotten it back yet. Next time I see her, she'll have it back.
Let me tell about this band Paradise Fears, the music is completely different from other bands from today's society of music; where as everything else sounds pretty much the same. You know, screamo with keyboards and heavy guitar riffs. Yeah I could only tolerate having one band like that on my playlist, not like the others aren't good just you know you can only put up with so much of it. Basically, the popular demand of today's society of music. In all honesty, I'm a little tired of hearing bands all sound the same.
It's actually nice to hear something different for once.
I suggest you to GO and give this band from South Dakota a listen. They truly deserve a chance in this harsh and cruel music industry. I know I'm going to support this band all I could and even get my self a copy of their new debut CD 'Yours Truly"  when I land on some money. I know ALL music needs to be given a chance; unsigned or not support all the musicians you can and make their dreams come true.
If you happen to be at the All Time Low Tour this summer and they come up to you, please do your best and support this band. You can buy their CD for 10$. It may not be a whole lot but to them, it puts gas in their van so they can do a little touring and promoting. It means them the world that they know people are willing to support them and are enjoying their music that they are making.

You can actually buy their CD on I-Tunes for $9.99.