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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unknown Artists

I have three bands to put out in the spot light; the first band is called The Air I Breathe. They come from New Jersey. They're actually currently touring with Breathe Carolina on the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour 2011.
I went to the tour on the 15th of August in Montreal and these guys performance was amazing. In Montreal we never really heard of them so they don't really have a fan base over here just yet.
A friend of mine and I met one of the guitarist after and he's a pretty rad guy. My friend ended up buy their CD from him and no, this time I didn't snatch her Cd from her since we where playing it in the car on the way back. They're on the heavy side with the screaming vox going on.
Their debut CD just came out on June 7th 2011 and if you're at the tour on remaining dates, buy a Cd for 10$ if not snatch it up on I-tunes for $9.90. I just noticed, when you click on the link it's $9.99 but if you go in your actual I-tunes store, it says  $9.90. For clarification, I believe, $9.90 is on the CANADIAN I-tunes since our dollar is lower I believe. Either way, give these guys a listen. They're pretty rad if you like heavier stuff. Personally, I like more singing then screamo but they're still amazing and the energy level is high when they perform.

Another band that's just starting out and their fan base is killer small.  A friend came across them on twitter. The band is called Roses in Rome and they come from the great land of Britain. Their music is really amazing and the best part is, they're not over process like most groups and bands now a days. I can't tell you if they have a full length or even an EP out yet because I haven't come across any information yet on it. As soon as I know more, I'll post all the information that I know about them. For now, this is all I know.

Theres another band I recently came across, they sent me a request to follow me on Twitter and I looked them up. They're called First Things First and they're actually amazing. They are an unsigned band that come from Philadelphia. I could actually see this band getting big. They have an EP out called The Brighter Side and I highly recommend to check it out. I haven't taken the time yet to sit and listen them but, I will for sure, it's on my list to check out and to support. You can buy the EP on I-Tunes for 4.95$. I personally think it's worth it and can't go wrong with a price like that. They play a rock pop type of sound and, it's always fun to listen to bands before everyone else does. I know I'm in an era lately of trying to find as much unknown music as possible and my playlist just keeps on growing.

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