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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Make up and a New Trend

If you're from Canada then you well know of the Much Music show New.Music.Live. The three ladies on that show, Kathleen, Phoebe and Lauren gave a make up tutorial for the girls to have their look. Someone meshed up Phoebes part. The the whole video can be found on the music music website. 
If you're out of the country, I don't know if you can watch the whole video, but you can go check if it'll load for you.
Also, if you're out of the country you can watch N.M.L. on the much music website LIVE. from Monday to Friday (unless it's a holiday or a day off) from 5:00PM 6:00PM EASTERN time. They do music headlines, play new music, mostly the Hip hop/dance/alternative stuff. They interview bands,actors,actress' and musicians at times. They have a live audience too and to get in, it's 16+ plus. They open the window open at the streets so that anyone can stop and watch.

A new hair style for girls is like what Phoebe Dykstra has. It's shaven on one side, which recently she decided
to let it grow out for a change.

There's a new trend going around. It's called Spirit Hoods. You know those new hats that are animals? Yes, they look so warm and fuzzy. They're not real fur at all and they're adorable.
You can get them at the Spirit Hood website. I would imagine Hot Topic would sell them WAY cheaper. If you're in Canada, You can get a black cat hood at Amnesia or a Leopard Hood and I think it's either a grey cat or a wolf hood at D-Tox. Amnesia and D-Tox lately combined they're stuff so whatever you find on the Amnesia website, you'll probably find it at a D-Tox store.