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Friday, April 27, 2012

If We Keep Fighting Who We Are,Won't Hit Anything.

Yet again some good and some bad news. Good news is always followed by bad news that is for sure. Fans are going crazy right now for this. One, yesterday was announced that Craig Owens HAS REUNITED back with Chiodos. Yes that is right.
I saw this coming from when Adam left Destory Rebuild Until God Shows back in February.
I may have a theory behind all of this that is for sure and how it all came about why Craig is back with Chiodos.
In all honesty, I have a bag of mix feelings about all of this. It has the pros and cons but we'll see how everything plays out with it all.

Bad news is after that news, today and of course because from yesterdays news today was released that Nick, Aaron and Matt have left D.R.U.G.S. Do you see what just happened there? Yeah, use the noggin and everything will click and the pieces are put together. It all backs track to Brandon and Tanner leaving Chiodos. Remember that nice long statement a couple posts back? Still a bunch of mix feelings about it all but still very excited. Weird, right?
 Craig had something good going on with D.R.U.G.S. which was just pretty much thrown away. I guess this can be more of an unplanned thing that happened.

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