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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Up All Night - Video Premire

The other day, Blink-182 had announced that their new video for their single "Up All Night" will be premiering. I watched it a few time already and I have to say, the little boy at the beginning spray painting, I'm pretty positive that's Landon Barker - Travis' little 7 year old boy. There's a lot of pyrogen in the video and I find it's just a little all over the place. Maybe I'm missing the concept of it but, I feel that's the way it the video turned out.
I feel like it's all random scenes stuck together. +44 meets Angels and Air Waves. I am anxious on how the album turned out. This video is nothing like what they would normally would make. I guess they grew up a lot since they first started making music and got their fame from The Vans Warped Tour back in '96.

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