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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashionista -

September is finally here, Summer is coming to an end in less than 2 weeks away. Winter is around the corner and I'm starting to feel and see it in the trees as our Maple trees turn to a beautiful  Red and Orange colors. It's one step closer to a new year. Could you believe it already? Where has the time gone?
This blog will be a mixed up one. I'm going to start off with some fashion just because, I think this girl  has some killer taste.
Her name is Emma Maree and she's 19 years old. She comes from Australia and she's in University to become an art major. She posts youtube videos every so often and she does some fashion. hair and make up tutorials. You can check her channel out at EmmaxMaree. She has some pieces of clothing that I would even like to get my hands on! She cuts her own hair as well; her style is just to awesome to not post about.

On to the music scene. The red Jumpsuit Apparatus just not to long ago released a new Cd called ''Am I the Enemy''. you can pick it up the Deluxe Version on I-Tunes for 11.99$. They also have up the standard version.
there's a Fall Tour out with bands off  Fearless records called Fearless Friends Tour. the bands include on the tour
  • Blessthefall - Headling
  • The Word Alive
  • Motionless in White
  • Tonight Alive
  • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk
It's heading across north American from  November and part of December. Tickets are on sale now. I would REALLY love to go and I'm hoping I can go, just because I want to support Tonight Alive for their first time in Montreal. They have a female vocalist and they come from Australia. I believe they have moved to California to get a better jump with their music. They have a new album ships out on October 13th 2011 called ''So What Are You Scared Of?'' You can pre-order the album here.

I don't remember how I came across them. All I know is I have been listening to them for a while and I fell in love with the music. I must have been searching youtube one day and it just came up back in January. It's pretty much the best way to find music or at a big music festival where you only know a couple of bands on the line up but just walk pass a stage and a band you don't know is playing and you like the sound. ends up being a new favorite. Happens to me many times.

Blessthefall has a new album coming out on October 4th 2011 called "Awakening". I'm pretty stoked for this and to hear it all. Pre-ordering is up at I-Tunes for $9.99. Get their new song "40" on I-tunes today. You can check the song out here. There's also some information up on the site about it.
You know what I find cute and interesting? I didn't even know that the singer of Blessthefall - Beau Boken and very own Canadian girl Lights are engaged now! Congratulations to them both!

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