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Monday, August 8, 2011

Unsigned - Paradise Fears.

 If anyone who comes across this blog, please take a minute to read it.
On August 4th 2011, in Montreal I just happened to be at the All Time Low - Gimmie Summer Ya Love Tour and just before going in the drummer of an unsigned band, was going around getting people to listen to his band. The band is called Paradise Fears. A friend of mine bought the CD but, I happen to have snatched it away from her ripped it on my computer and she still hasn't gotten it back yet. Next time I see her, she'll have it back.
Let me tell about this band Paradise Fears, the music is completely different from other bands from today's society of music; where as everything else sounds pretty much the same. You know, screamo with keyboards and heavy guitar riffs. Yeah I could only tolerate having one band like that on my playlist, not like the others aren't good just you know you can only put up with so much of it. Basically, the popular demand of today's society of music. In all honesty, I'm a little tired of hearing bands all sound the same.
It's actually nice to hear something different for once.
I suggest you to GO and give this band from South Dakota a listen. They truly deserve a chance in this harsh and cruel music industry. I know I'm going to support this band all I could and even get my self a copy of their new debut CD 'Yours Truly"  when I land on some money. I know ALL music needs to be given a chance; unsigned or not support all the musicians you can and make their dreams come true.
If you happen to be at the All Time Low Tour this summer and they come up to you, please do your best and support this band. You can buy their CD for 10$. It may not be a whole lot but to them, it puts gas in their van so they can do a little touring and promoting. It means them the world that they know people are willing to support them and are enjoying their music that they are making.

You can actually buy their CD on I-Tunes for $9.99.

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