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Thursday, June 16, 2011

New And Up Coming Musicans And Music Video

While I was looking around on Facebook today, Chiodos had posted a post about a band that's signed on with their record label; Equal Vision Records. The band is called Life On Repeat and they seem to have everything together. I read some reviews and they've been nothing but good and on the positive side. They just released an album called Struggle + Sleep. I am for sure going to check this out; I think you should too.
You can buy the album on Itunes for 8.99$.  I think it's a good bargain and you have nothing to lose.
I'm definitely going to keep an eye out on this band. This band could possibly become a new favorite for many people.

Another thing is that, a Band called Escape the Fate, just released a new music video called Gorgeous Nightmare. Their fans had a few days to find the 7 sins and screen cap over the internet to unlock the video; with clues to where to go. I find it a pretty interesting video to watch. Gorgeous Nightmare comes off their fourth album which is their self-titled one. The song and video are pretty dark but honestly, I kinda like. I for one do NOT think that they're ripping off Avenged Sevenfold in any way possible.

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