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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New To The Industry.

There's a new teen band around and just hit the music industry. They're from California and they're called Emily's Army. Their new album called "Don't Be A Dick" is download-able today. The drummer of this band is, a 16 year old boy who goes by the name of Joey Armstrong. If you're wondering, yes this is none other than Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day; his boy's band. Billie started out in music at his age too. Billie Joe produced the album for the teens and they're signed to Adeline Records. They play Rock/Garage/Punk type of music.
They're hitting some venues this summer so, be sure to support the kids in their new career.

Will it continue to be a father like son type of thing? So far Joey's doing a good job in following his dad's foot steps. I wish these kids nothing but luck and success in the harsh music industry. I have not yet listen to the music, but I sure will be on that and give the boys a listen.


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