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Monday, June 13, 2011


I joined blogger a while back but never used it. I just recently thought it would be fun to blog about the type of music I'm into and the latest news about what they're up to. I also thought that I would blog about photography and most likely fashion as well. There may be some blogs out there that are similar to the one that I'm planning on doing. However, I'm NOT taking credit that I came up with  this idea first or even copy right anything UNLESS it's my own personal work.
By all means, I will let you know that if it's my work.
I have a live journal that I have had for years and started to blog about summer concert events but, mostly, my journal is about my life and what I'm thinking. You're more than welcome to add me. Remember it's my journal and what I'm thinking. It has my days at concerts that I've been too, and years of entries. I don't expect you to agree or like every little thing in it. I certain don't expect you to find it entertaining or interesting at all. I thought that I would have used it for a blog space but, I wasn't to sure about that. I just then remembered that I had joined blogger and thought I would take a chance and blog. You may not like everything you see or read. You may come across that I have a huge passion for music and photography; which I'm not denying that. I was thinking a monthly music blog on my live journal along with my personal life of course, but then it would have gotten confusing I guess and wasn't so sure if I should do that. Now that I'm on blogger, I'll probably do a weekly thing or even daily sometimes.
Not everyone likes the same things so, if you like the same interests and fine what you read is interesting, then be my guest, and follow right along.  I also have a photography site that I had made. Please be respectful towards my photography. I don't update it frequently but, it does show the type of photographer that I am.

*Warning - Anything rude will be deleted. If you don't like what you see then simply just go to your URL bar and type in a different website in or better yet, close your browser window.

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