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Monday, June 13, 2011

Up Coming Music.

I'm going to start the blog off with new upcoming releases in the music industry. You may not like the gender of music that I will be posting but it's just to each their own with it. It's music that I like and listen too.
These 2 guys have been on the Vans Warped Tour before and, I have read some comments on these guys and they seem to have live mixed reviews. Personally, they're not my favorite group of all time but, theres something about their music that I find catchy.
 They play a pop/electrona/rock type of music. They go by the name of Breathe Carolina. They're hitting the road this summer and in August they're headliner for The Scream It Until You Mean It Tour. They're touring with two personally favorites; I See Stars and Chiodos. There's a little bit of every type of gender on the tour. Breathe Carolina just release a new single called "Blackout" and you can grab it on Itunes now for .69$. They have a new album coming out called "Hell Is What You Make It"  and it comes out on July 12th, 2011. You can Pre-oder it now.
 Personally, I find this new single a lot catchier and more danceable than the older music. If you already know who they are, then you know what I mean by that.

Any other band that is going to be releasing something, is one of my favorites; Eyes Set To Kill. They recently let go a member in their group and dropped their Break Silence Record label and aren't signed. They've been on the Vans Warped Tour a few years in a row; including this summer and you can catch them on the tour for about 2 weeks in August.
They have a summer tour planned in Asia and the Rodriguez sisters can rock harder on stage then a male can. Watch out boys, because these 2 sisters are taking over the rock industry! To give back to their wonderful and loyal fans, since they are not signed, they can do what they want and gave their new single "The Secrets Between" off their up coming 4th album "The White Lotus" for free. The new album hits August 9th 2011 and is up for pre-ordering is coming soon.
This just happened to be two releases that I keep on seeing how excited the artists are for their new music to hit store. Personally, I'm pretty damn stoked for the new Eyes Set To Kill album to hit. I'm certainly counting the days down for it.
There's plenty of more updates to come!

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