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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can You Do The Robot?

I know I haven't posted any news lately but here is something that I have been waiting for.  Have you heard a little group called 3OH!3? Yeah you know, Don't trust a hoe because a hoe don't trust me.
They're pretty massive now in the music industry and gone pretty mainstream since I have found out about them in summer 2008.
You can catch these guys NOW on the Vans Warped Tour for about half of the summer on the main Teggart stage. I know I will be seeing them again for a 4th time.
Back to my point about these 2 rad guys. They just released a new single called Robot. I believe it will be on their up coming album which should hit sometime in the late year.
You can buy the song now on Itunes for a 1.29$. The video for this new song of theirs will be released sometime soon.  I would imagine in about 2 weeks it will be out but, that's just my guess so I don't want to start anything about that. However; I do know that it's just getting its finishing touches on the video.
Warning; there is some vulgar content in the song. Here's a teaser of the song.

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